We are delighted to announce the shortlist for 2024

Design Team

From the cost implications of emerging manufacturing techniques, to the growing demand to consider a product’s full life-cycle today’s design engineering teams face a complex set of challenges requiring ever-greater levels of collaboration across disciplines and across the value chain. This award celebrates the design teams that have navigated this challenging landscape and achieved successful end results.

Heavy Equipment Team, Combilift

Fairgrieve Compression Moulding, Fairgrieves, Menzolit and CA Group

Solution Design, Linde Material Handling

Trains with Brains®, Transmission Dynamics

Digital Innovation

From the application of industry 4.0 technologies, to the use of digital twins, virtual collaboration platforms and even artificial intelligence, digital tools are transforming the world of engineering and enabling organisations to address some of their most pressing challenges. Aimed at engineering organisations across the spectrum, this award will celebrate demonstrable and outstanding examples of the application of digital technologies.

Sponsored by


Evtec Automotive


Paragon Toolmaking


Thales UK

Engineering Consultancy of the Year

Engineering consultancies play a unique and often crucial role in the product development process, bringing ideas from across industry to bear on clients’ projects. This award will celebrate consultancies at the forefront of this important dynamic, who are able to offer compelling evidence of both their expertise and their positive impact on a range of client projects.


Harley Haddow


Transmission Dynamics

Engineering Impact Award

From the fight against climate change to the challenges posed by a global pandemic, engineering is frequently key to addressing many of the biggest problems we face. This award celebrates engineering projects that have played - or are playing - a significant role in addressing these wider societal challenges.

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eVITA – an inclusive electric wheelchair accessible vehicle (eWAV), CALLUM in partnership with Motability Operations

Berry AI, Fieldwork Robotics

Flux-75, Flux Aviation

Anti-COVID Protection: The Development of SterilMask, University of Nottingham, HPM, KMD Company, PCM Products and Planet

WITT harvesting 6 degrees of motion to provide clean electrical power, WITT

Engineering Innovator of the Year

Innovation comes in many forms and is common to all aspects of engineering. This award will celebrate individuals or teams who can demonstrate how their initiative and ingenuity have resulted in extraordinary outcomes for their company and/or for society at large. 

Engineering Team led by Chief Technical Officer, John McKenna, HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems)

Dr. Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder, Monolith

Chris Elsworthy, Q5D

Sellafield Engineering Centre of Excellence, Sellafield

Equality, diversity and inclusion award

As the demand for engineering skills grows it’s never been more important for industry to ensure that it is tapping into the widest possible pool of talent and ensuring a truly inclusive workforce for the future. This award celebrates the engineering and manufacturing employers who are going above and beyond to attract and retain a diverse workforce and create a culture where everyone - regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability and other factors - can thrive.

Evtec Automotive

STEM Returners

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award

From the deployment of technology to protect workers’ physical wellbeing to measures aimed at safeguarding the mental health of employees: health, safety and well-being is more important than ever for organisations across industry. This award recognises the teams or individuals who have gone above and beyond to ensure employee wellbeing and safety. Winners will show new ways of promoting wellbeing & safety and will be able to point to quantifiable improvements.

Sponsored by

Brendon Allen, 3M United Kingdom

Susanna Walker, Adelphi Group of Companies

Howard Hancel, Evtec Automotive

The SURE Group, igus UK

Industry Leader Award

From the impact of the pandemic to the knock-on effects of the war in Ukraine, organisations across industry face an historically challenging time. This award celebrates the business leaders who have helped steer their organisations through these challenges whilst identifying opportunities and transforming company performance through innovative thinking and brave decision-making.

Shaun Rowley, ANT Industries

Martin McVicar, Combilift

Kevin Hubbard, Evtec Automotive

Jawad Khursheed, HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems)

Manufacturing Productivity Improvement

Improving UK manufacturing productivity will be key if the sector is to continue to compete on the global stage. This award celebrates the teams and individuals who have made a demonstrable improvement to their site’s productivity, either through the application of technology or the improvement of existing processes.


Britvic plc

Hydrafeed & FourJaw

MacDermid Graphics Solutions

RED Manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Innovation

From the deployment of additive manufacturing techniques and robotic systems to the smart use of machine tools, the innovative application of production equipment is key to making the UK manufacturing base more nimble, more productive and more efficient. This award celebrates teams or projects that demonstrate an outstanding application of manufacturing technology.

Ebflow™, Cambridge Vacuum Engineering

CAM Assist, CloudNC

Maximising UK Manufacturing Productivity through Technology, FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

The AMPro® Sieve Station Connect, Russell Finex

Net Zero Champion

The push for net zero by 2050 is a key driver of innovation across industry and is fundamentally reshaping the way that engineering and manufacturing organisations at every level of industry operate. This award will go to an industry individual or organisation at the forefront of successfully delivering on this challenge.

Sponsored by

Jack Pearson, Bluetree Group

Harmony Energy


Vanesa Kelly, HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems)

R&D Project of the Year

This category is designed to celebrate successful product research and development projects that, while they may not yet be complete, have nonetheless delivered measurable design successes.

This category does not require evidence of a finished or commercially-available product. Instead, judges will be looking for evidence of success in the form of:

• Commercial interest (pre-orders or similar)
• Successful prototypes • Patents or other IP
• Technological breakthroughs

Please also include information relating to the history of the project (complete with dates and design brief), as well as the individuals involved.

Smart Gas Pressure Sensor, DefProc Engineering

Flux-75, Flux Aviation

Neutron Detectors for High Radiation Environments, Innovative Physics

SDC Technology, Petalite

SuperSharp Unfolding Space Telescope, Super-Sharp Space Systems

Sustainable Technology for Atmospheric Water Harvesting: WaterSustTech, University of Nottingham, Stormsaver and Phase Change Materials Products

Rising Star of the Year

The Rising Star award is awarded to an engineer who shows that age and experience are no barriers to success. Winners will demonstrate maturity and experience that belies their years and will be performing on a par with – or even ahead of – more experienced colleagues. Entrants for this category should be nominated by their employer rather than by themselves.

Sponsored by

Alice Quinn, 3M UK

Gracjan Furtak, Adelphi Group of Companies

Rosie Plane, Sloane Helicopters

STEM Ambassador

This award celebrates individuals (or organisations) who - through outreach, internal programmes, or other initiatives - have done the most to champion engineering careers and inspire young people to consider entering the profession.

Alice Quinn, 3M

Hannah Linden, JLR


Sellafield Engineering Centre of Excellence

Training & Development Award

Against a backdrop of accelerating technological change, it’s never been more important for organisations to ensure that they are equipping their workforce with the skills and expertise required to compete in this rapidly changing world. This award celebrates the achievements of a team or organisation that best demonstrates excellence in the training and development of its engineering staff.

Jeffrey Tinsley, Global Technologies Racing

Mark Capell, Lisi Aerospace Rugby