You can submit your entry online using the online entry system. You will need to register first and then add the categories you wish to enter to your basket. Once you have completed the work on your entries, you can submit them one at a time or all together. The online entry system allows you to start an entry, save it, and complete it later.

The entry deadline is Friday 10th May 2024

It is completely FREE to enter the Engineering & Manufacturing Awards.

There is no limit on the number of entries you may submit. However, you should avoid duplicating entries across multiple categories instead, tailor the entry specifically to the criteria of the category you are entering.

Please ensure you are entering the correct category, refer to the entry description if you are unsure. Please ensure you place the main component of your entry within the web-form provided and include all the information requested in each section.

Including supporting material is encouraged but it should not comprise the main component of your entry.

The main component of your entry is the entry document. All key information listed in the criteria for the category needs to be in the entry document and not in the supporting material. Supporting material is optional and may be submitted in addition to the entry document. It should be used to illustrate/demonstrate what is in the entry document. Whilst supporting material is important and helpful to the judges, we ask that you keep these documents to a reasonable amount.

Please note that MA Business will not be held accountable for loss or damage to supporting material in the physical form.

1. Entering & winning business awards demonstrates to your customers that your business is at the top of its game. This will significantly enhance customer retention & loyalty as customers are always keen to stick with businesses who are perceived to be doing well.

2. Winning an award or even making the shortlist will give you stronger positioning against your competitors and increase credibility. Who are your audience more likely to use if you’re THE award-winning business in your sector?

3. Recognition at business awards gives a morale boost to your company’s employees and gives them a focus for their purpose at work. Knowing they have contributed to the recognition winning an award brings is a great motivator to continue to perform for your company.

4. The awards are FREE to enter and if your company, project or product is lucky enough to make the hotly contested shortlist or even win an award you'll immediately benefit from the highly valuable publicity before the event, through print, email and social media as well as on the night of the awards ceremony.

5. Winning one of the Engineering & Manufacturing Award categories can open doors to getting new contracts, identify new supply channels and help break into new markets.

6. Comments from the experienced panel of judges from within the industry about why you won can be used as quotes in press releases, and add the award logo to your website and other marketing materials.

Yes, although their permission must be obtained. You will be asked to provide contact details of a senior person at the organisation. We may or may not contact this person.

Once you have submitted your entries they will be processed by the awards team, ready for judging. You will be contacted once the judging has taken place to let you know if you have made the shortlist.

  1. The Awards are open to any business which is part of the UK manufacturing & engineering community
  2. Multiple entries are allowed across the awards where applicable (please read category descriptions) 
  3. The entry deadline is final. No entries started or submitted after this date will be considered for judging.
  4. Sponsors may not enter the category that they are sponsoring
  5. All entries must completed within the entry web form provided
  6. Any access passwords or details required as part of entry judging must be clearly supplied in time for the close of call for entries
  7. We appreciate that some entry information will be sensitive, all business information submitted will be in strict confidence (NDA’s can be requested where appropriate)
  8. The Judges’ decision is FINAL. No discussions on recounts or requests for justification will be entered into

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday 4th September 2024 at the prestigious London Marriott Grosvenor Square.

Sponsorship of the awards is possible.

Please visit the sponsorship section of the website for more details or call:

Jack Troutt
Mobile: 07795622021
Email: jack.troutt@markallengroup.com

  1. Include tangible evidence of the impact your company, or solution, has had on your customer’s business. Judges are looking for hard metrics, particularly on business performance and growth.
  2. Less is more. Our judges have to read hundreds of entries, be concise and focus on making your entry stand out above the crowd.
  3. Stick to the entry form. Don’t go off-piste when it comes to entering. Supporting documents are just that… ‘support’. Your main entry should demonstrate the bulk of your submission.
  4. Compelling stories make winners. Companies that change businesses for the better or demonstrate innovation are held in high regard. Tell a story which demonstrates why you deserve to win.
  5. Don’t try and fluff it with waffle and marketing speak, our judges have been around the block (and back) and will see straight through ambiguous claims laced with sales talk.

Good Luck!